Introducing the new Andy’s Random Stuff

So, I have decided that it is high time I actually did something with this site. After my recent experiences with WordPress in coming up with my new site, I decided that I would convert the main page to a WordPress blog. No worries, though, the old site is still there in all its glory, sitting just beneath the surface of this shiny new face. You can access it by the link above that is labeled, appropriately enough, “Old Site.” Suffice to say, most of my future updates will be made here, though.

So, to my great embarrassment it has been almost 6 months since I last updated here! My, how time flies. This delay was a bit of an odd one; I certainly didn’t intend to go this long before updating. Instead, things kept coming up at work, with my masters classes, and with other things and each time I (by default, mostly) decided that it wasn’t worth the time to update here.

So, what has happened since my last update? Quite a bit, actually. I made two trips to Russia, finished my Masters degree, played in a couple of wargaming tournaments, and played a couple of great video games.  So, even though I haven’t been posting about it, it’s not like I have been slacking off ;). Gwen and I are in the process of moving to Connecticut, as I am due to be there for a Navy school in early May. We will be there at least 5 months, and maybe for several years if I get orders to a boat that is home ported there. However, I won’t know if that is the case for another couple of weeks, at least.

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