In Limbo

Well, Gwen and I have been up here in Groton for nearly a week (my, how time flies!), and we are still chilling in the Navy Lodge. We have had a few leads for more permanent housing, though, so there is some light at the end of the tunnel. We might end up moving into base housing, since I am due to head down to Norfolk for my sea tour. Speaking of which, I am currently slated to be the Navigator on the USS Boise, which is a 688i class SSN. I’m really looking forward to this new challenge!

In between looking for and looking at potential housing options, I have made some time for a little fun ;). I played a game of Axis & Allies War At Sea at Arkham Asylum comics in Norwich, CT on Tuesday. I’ve also been trying out a couple of games on my computer, including Vendetta and World of Tanks. Both of these games are MMOs, so they are a bit outside my usual gaming comfort zone. After I’ve played them a little more, I’ll tell you what I think!

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