Mass Effect 3 and Me

Just wanted to take a few minutes and share my feelings about a recent video gaming experience I had. A while back, the third installment of the massively popular video game series Mass Effect hit the streets. Being the huge sci-fi nerd that I am, I was eagerly anticipating this game. However, the release was greeted with a huge brouhaha over its Day 1 downloadable content (DLC), which many fans argued was a shameless money grab by the company that produced the game (not everyone agreed on that, however). Unforutnately, an even bigger brouhaha was just around the corner; as players started finishing the game, word began spreading that the ending was not so good. For my part, the ending just seemed rushed and fragmentary, with way too much left to the imagination. Others went a little further in their analysis, but it was pretty clear there was widespread dissatisfaction with the way the game wrapped up the trilogy.

There was so much anger that the company behind the development of the game, BioWare, went back to the proverbial drawing board and came up with some new DLC to further explain and expand on the ending. I got a chance to play through it last weekend, and I have to say, I think it is a significant improvement (I’m not alone in that regard). Overall, it ads a much better sense of closure to what has become one of my favorite game settings.

So, while we are on the topic of video games, I mentioned that I would be addressing a couple of games I’ve been playing, namely Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion and World of Tanks. Rest assured, these posts are coming soon! Until next time…

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