As I mentioned briefly in my last post, there has been a lot going on! I’ve been getting a lot busier at SOAC, as I am now in the last 6 weeks of the program which means I have a lot of trainer sessions and written exams to do. And of course, the time I have in the evenings has been going towards stuff other than surfing the internet, like World of Tanks and other video games.

However, another factor has been that I have been putting a lot of time into my recently created naval wargaming blog, Man Battlestations. I haven’t actually talked about it a whole lot here, but I started this project at around the same time that I shifted this site to the WordPress format. Ultimately, when I’ve only had time to update one of the two, Man Battlestations has been getting the attention. I’m trying to get away from that though, so I’m going to try and start putting up more updates here. Fortunately, as I mentioned when I first switched ARS over, the WordPress software makes updating much easier, so there is less of a barrier to putting up new posts.

I also mentioned that I had some teeth pulled. That happened last Tuesday, when I had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted. This process was necessitated by the fact that I had developed a cavity in one of them that was inaccessible due to its location. While only that one really had to come out, I kind of figured that it would be a good idea to get the rest of them pulled while I was at it. So, since then, I’ve been trying to take it easy and heal, paranoid that I’m going to get a dry socket. Still, it hasn’t been all bad; the Vicodin helped a lot, as did all the sleep.

Oh, and Navy had its home opener today, in Dublin, Ireland of all places. If you missed the game, that’s okay; you didn’t miss much. Long story short, Navy lost, but seeing as it was Notre Dame, I can’t say I’m horribly surprised.

Until next time!

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