Man Battlestations!

So, as I’ve mentioned a couple of times already, I’ve started a second website, one more dedicated to the hobby of naval miniature gaming. This project is something else entirely; where as ARS was always intended to be just my ranting and raving about my hobbies, the idea behind Man Battlestations is to grow it into a community of naval gaming enthusiasts. In this respect, I am trying to duplicate the kinds of blogs I’ve seen for games like 40k, where players post all kinds of articles on subjects like battle reports, game tactics, and the like. Additionally, Man Battlestations has a forum, which I really think of as the true heart of the site.

So far, I would say the project has been doing OK. A number of gamers from all over the world have joined the forums, and I gotten a number of encouraging comments on my blog posts. However, updating the blog and keeping track of the goings on in the forums has taken a lot of time; as I mentioned before, that has translated into fewer updates here. Still, I feel like the effort is worth it; I really believe that creating this online community is a worthwhile endeavor that will enhance the naval wargamming hobby for a lot of my fellow gamers. Until next time!

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