Rock You Like a Hurricane

It’s been a bit rainy around here lately, due to this Hurricane Sandy you might have heard about. Fortunately, though, it looks like we are actually going to miss the worst of it here in Suffolk, as much of the rain is passing to the north of us. Ironically enough, from what I’m seeing of the maps it looks like Groton is actually going to get hit a lot worse than we are. The forcasts are calling for some truly mind-boggling storm surges all along the coast of Long Island sound; I imagine that there could be the potential for some real damage to both downtown New London and the Submarine Base. It will be interesting to see if this will affect rail service, as well; Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor is just a few feet above sea level at New London station. Indeed, mass transit rail has already been shutdown in DC, NYC, and Boston, over fears of subway tunnels flooding out.  For Gwen and me, though, it looks like our biggest problem will be power outages, as there is significant concern about downed trees.

Despite the weather, I did manage to get out to the Dystopian Wars tournament that was held in Fredricksburg yesterday; it was a lot of fun, and I’ll be posting some more in-depth coverage on Man Battlestations a bit later. That might be a few days, though; I’m feeling a distinct lack of motivation at the moment for some reason. For now, there is nothing left to do but hunker down and wait out the nasty weather.

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