Family Visit

Hello again! It has been a busy few weeks! Last weekend, I managed to get away for an afternoon to play a game of Dystopian Wars with my friend Ian. We played the game at a store called Atlantis Games, which probably has one of the best locations I’ve ever seen for a game store (it is within sight of the Atlantic ocean!). Our game attracted a lot of attention, as we had a beautiful game board courtesy of Ian and both our fleets were nicely painted.

This weekend, my Mom, Dad, sister, and brother in law were out visiting from Indiana. We had a lot of fun while they were here! I went with my Dad to see a Tractor Museum in the Richomond Area. It was a really neat place to see, with an incredible collection of showroom-quality tractors, classic cars, and trucks. Check out the gallery below for more! Until next time…

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