Hey everyone. Been a long time! I’ve been gone since last June on deployment, which is why I haven’t placed any updates recently. I’ve been back since 13 January, but I’ve been procrastinating on posting an update (as usual). Actually, this update is sort of an ice-breaker; I’ve been dreading posting an update as it has been so long. Its a vicious cycle!

Anyway, turns out I got home just in time to experience the worst winter weather Norfolk has seen in years; I spent a good chunk of the morning shoveling out. So, I’ve been enjoying a snow day at home with Gwen and the pets. Here is a shot of some of the carnage:

007 - Copy

Suffice to say, I’ve got tons to talk about but that will have to wait asĀ  dinner is almost ready and Gwen can get rather cross when I blow her off to play on the computer ;). Until next time!

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