Anime Round-Up

Funnily enough, I’ve started getting back into Anime watching recently. For several years, I had kind of gotten away from it, thanks to a combination of other demands on my time and the steadily escalating cost of buying new shows. However, I’ve gotten hooked again, thanks in no small part to the excellent availability of streamed shows now available from various different websites.  I am particularly fond of Crunchyroll, but there are plenty of other sources, as well. The enormous number of shows available for viewing is almost overwhelming! There are two, in particular that I’ve been following lately:

Naruto Shippuden

Naruto has been around for a LONG time. I originally started watching this show on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block way back in 2007. However, after about a year or so, when the show shifted over to filler episodes mostly, I lost interest. Back during deployment, however, I was re-introduced to the newer incarnation of the show, that takes place after a 3-year time jump. While the filler problem still remains (the show essentially alternates between “plot” seasons and “filler” seasons), it is well made and entertaining enough that I’ve become hooked all over again.

Kill la Kill

I was attracted to this show mainly because it is from the same creative team that made Gurren Lagan, an over-the-top giant robot anime that was one of the last shows I watched before drifting away from anime. This is a very different show, although it has the same frentic pace and overall sense of humor that Gurren Lagan had. I am really enjoying the show, though it is much less “family friendly” than Naruto. It has a lot more blood and violence, not to mention the skimpy outfits (male and female) and considerable amounts of nudity (again, both male and female!).  While the nudity in the show is non-sexual, it is a bit more than what most American viewers would be strictly comfortable with, I imagine.

I’ve also been looking at starting a few of the other shows hosted on the site, so I will keep you posted if I get hooked on any more!

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