April Fools!?

Not so much really. This is going to be a (mostly) serious post.

So, first of all, two weekends back Gwen and I attended the annual Dolphin Scholarship Silver and Gold auction. The theme was Super Heroes, so we went dressed as Batman and Batgirl:

bat costumes

The auction itself was a lot of fun. We didn’t win anything from the silent auction, but we did win a nice watercolor painting and a weekend stay at something called a “yurt” in the Catskill mountains from the live auction. Sounds like a fun weekend getaway! We will probably take it after we have moved, maybe this fall.

This past weekend, I managed to finally finagle a gaming day up at Game Vault in Fredricksburg, VA.  I met up with a couple of guys from the DWVA Dystopian Wars club and played a couple of games of DW. It was a bit of a hike (a little over two hours there), but the fun I had was worth the trip. Not to mention, I’ve finally taken the plunge and started an Audible subscription. That meant I had the audiobook for “On Basilisk Station,” the first book in the Honor Harrington series, to listen to on the way. I was surprised by how fast that made the trip fly by! I might end up “reading” a lot more books that way. In reality, I probably have a a couple of more posts tied up in just that paragraph! I’ll have to post some more about my Audible experience, and I’ll be putting together a more detailed post on my games at the Game Vault over at Man Battlestations in the next day or two.

Speaking of future posts, when I’ve had time I’ve been playing Sins of a Solar Empire again. Well, more accurately, I’ve been playing an unspeakably awesome Star Trek mod for Sins, called Star Trek Armada III. The game play is very much the same, but now it is dripping with Star Trek atmosphere. It really is an impressive mod, and I intend to write a lot more about it once I’ve had some more play time with it.

Until next time!

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