In Limbo


So, as I posted a while back, Gwen and I have a new place up in New Hampshire. However, due to a quirk in the change of homeport process, I’m stuck down here in Norfolk last week and this week by myself. I decided to spring for a hotel room and a rental car so that I can not live on the ship and at least have a way to get around! This has been a little bit of a surreal experience for me; I really miss Gwen and the pets, but there is a part of me that is enjoying batcheloring it up for a little while. In some ways, it feels like I’m stealing time; I know that we have already moved, and that my life isn’t really in Norfolk anymore, but I’m still here going to all our favorite restaurants and the like. All in all, I’ll be happy once this is over and I’m back home with Gwen again! At least I can take solace in the fact that I was able to help Gwen with the unpacking at the new place. In fact, both my parents and her parents came up to help us, which we are very grateful for!

I haven’t had a whole lot of free time the last week or so; things have been busy on the SCRANTON as usual. Mostly, I’ve been listening to a new book, Castles of Steel by Robert Massie. I’m really enjoying this book so far; there is a lot of interesting historical detail on the naval war of WWI that I hadn’t encountered before. I’ve also been playing two games on my Ipad; Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet, and World of Tanks: Blitz. The former is a game based on the Honor Harrington universe, while the later is the iOS version of World of Tanks. I’m really grateful for the latter, as my poor old laptop can’t handle WOT since they upgraded the graphics. I’ll probably make a more detailed post on these later.

In other news, the FY 2015 URL Lieutenant Commander list is out, and your’s truly is on it! I’m excited to have made the list, although it will be more than a year before I am promoted thanks to the way promotions are phased in.

Until next time!


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