Anime Round-up 2

Hey all! It’s been a while since I’ve talked about what Anime I’ve been watching, so I figured it was time for another installment of my Anime Round-Up. This new kick of watching anime has continued more or less unabated since I discovered the joys of Crunchy Roll. Kill la Kill has long since finished, having concluded with a very satisfying ending. The whole series is very over the top, and as I mentioned before the copious amounts of nudity in the show (even though it is non-sexual and non-graphic) will be a definite turn-off for many.

Shingeki no Kyojin manga volume 1.jpgWith that show over, I started looking for others. the first one I came across is Attack on Titan, which is one of the year’s most popular shows, it seems. I got through about the first 6 episodes or so of it, and  it is a strange show…very angsty and violent, with a lot of unexplained mysteries. Nominally set in the future, the technology is almost steam-punk, though perhaps it is more like Medieval-Punk, really. The most advanced thing in the show are these elaborate acrobatic  sword fighting rigs that allow the characters to zip up to great heights to attack the titular Titans. The show is well made, with nice visuals and acting, but it just didn’t grab me for some reason. I’ll try circling around to it again some time to give it another try; I’m sure it is as popular as it is for a reason!

The next show I managed to run across is one that has been out for a few years now: Girls und Panzer. This is one of the most bizarre, yet incredibly awesome, concepts I’ve seen in a while: Imagine a world where all-girl high schools field teams of WWII-era tanks to engage in epic competitions against other schools. Oh, and put those high schools on giant, 5-mile long aircraft carriers while we are at it! This show makes no sense, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Being a World of Tanks player myself, I can easily see that the game undoubtedly provided no small amount of inspiration to the show. The series is only 12 episodes long, so it has the benefit of ending before it wears out its welcome. This strange combination of Moe anime and WWII hardware is a lot of fun!

As for what I am currently watching, I am keeping up with a space mecha show called Captain Earth. Made by the same studio that created Eureka 7, this show chronicles the adventures of a group of teen-age friends who pilot giant robots to defend the earth from a race of aliens who are looking to drain the life force of the entirety of humanity. The show’s basic premise doesn’t really cover a whole lot of new ground (its essentially a successor to the “Evangelion” sub-genre of mecha anime), but it does feature lots of highly detailed mecha designs, international conspiracies, and plenty of plot twists that, combined with sky-high production values, keeps this show interesting.

And finally, I’m still following Naruto Shippuden. At long last, the show is finally out of its filler arcs and is advancing its main story line again! As I understand it, the show is set to conclude sometime this winter, and there are no more filler episodes planned, which is fantastic news to me! At the moment, the story is really heating up, with the three main characters finally re-uniting to fight the Big Bad of the story. There has been some interesting twists to this show over the years; I can’t wait to see what comes as part of the final season.

Yamato 2199.jpg

On the horizon, I’m planning on looking into the re-make of Space Battleship Yamato, creatively dubbed Space Battleship Yamato 2199 to distinguish it from the original series. This show looks great…the characters, ships, and the like have all been updated to modern standards, and the CG elements added to the animation look incredible. Its a little annoying that the show isn’t on Crunchyroll (its just a convenience thing for me), but in all honesty, I’m thinking about just outright buying this one!

Until next time!

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