Tier IX Fun, Continued

It has been some time since I’ve posted about my World of Tanks exploits. The last time I mentioned the game, I told you all how I had just unlocked a Tier IX medium tank, the E 50. Since then, however, I’ve shifted focus and have been playing my German heavy tanks a lot more. As a result, just last week I finally unlocked the E 50’s bigger brother, the E 75 Heavy Tank. Behold!

shot_002Suffice to say, this thing is a beast. The armor on this tank is even better than some of the Tier X heavy tanks floating around out there! The only downside is that I have not yet unlocked the best gun for this tank, so my damage output is a bit low. So, right now I’m more of a bullet sponge than anything, soaking up damage for my less well-armored team mates.

World of Tanks isn’t the only game I have been playing recently, however. I’ve also been playing Skyrim again, having purchased it on sale on Steam. I’m not sure what inspired me to pick it up again…for some reason, I just felt compelled to pick it up and play through all the DLC that has come out since I first played it. This time around, I’m taking a bit of a different approach. Where as before I was your standard giant sword-wielding bad ass, this time around I’m going with a magic using character. So far, it has been a big change, as I can no longer absorb the same amounts of punishment that I used to.

Lately, I’ve also been putting a fair amount of time into a few free to play apps on my iPad. The first, Trexels, is a Star Trek themed game. It is a very cutesy take on the Star Trek universe, with a lot of bright colors, 8-bit style graphics, and mash-up of characters from across the Star Trek cannon. The other app I’ve been goofing around with is Star Wars Commander, which has you building bases and armies to fight other opponents. To be honest, I think I’ve about worked my curiosity of these games out of my system. I am thinking I’m going to shift back to my 3DS for a while, since I still have several games I’m working through on that platform. Plus, the quintessentially manipulative Skinner Box nature of these games is just a little off-putting to my higher thought processes!

Until next time…

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