Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all had as nice of a holiday as I have. It started out a bit rough; New England got hit with a fairly nasty winter storm on Wednesday night, which brought snow, ice, and wind. As a result, many people around the area were without power. Fortunately, we kept ours. Gwen made a huge turkey this year; more than 21 pounds! Suffice to say, there was plenty to eat.

IMG_0489(1)Other than that, I’ve been spending some time with Gwen and her parents, playing some Ticket to Ride and watching some TV. I’ve also been playing a lot of World of Tanks. They are running a special event for the holiday where the first win in a tank for the day is worth 5 times the normal amount of experience! Suffice to say, I’ve been trying to make the most of that. Gwen has been more than patient with me for wanting to play the game so much, that is for sure.

Another game that I played was a Dystopian Wars TANKS-giving scenario. This made use of some custom turkey-themed markers I had made a while back, and some of the ground forces I have painted up for my Dystopian Wars armies. You can see the battle report and some pictures over on my other blog. Speaking of wargaming, I have also been working on some of my modeling. I have completed two models recently; one is a Prussian battlecruiser for Dystopian Wars, and the other is a frigate for my Firestorm Armada Terran fleet. Here are a couple of shots of them to give you an idea:

2014-11-23 16.59.182014-11-22 14.55.48These two models aren’t the extent of my recent modeling work, believe it or not. I recently completed a small display model for a fellow officer that was transferring from the ship:

2014-11-08 18.24.42Overall, my modeling is still well behind where I would like it to be, but I am slowly chipping away at the back-log. Until next time!



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