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This is a post that I’ve been meaning to write for literally years! Anymore, I hardly watch any television; for some time now my “traditional” TV viewing has been mostly limited to The Big Bang Theory and Mythbusters. Instead, I’ve found myself watching a fair amount of Youtube videos. Now, I know what you are thinking; Youtube is renowned as the bastion of cute kitten videos and videos of teenagers hurting themselves doing stupid crap. However, underneath this mountain of pop-culture detritus, there are a some really gems to be found, some things that are well-worth your time.

For the purposes of this post, to prevent me from just going on and on, I’m going to be limiting myself to just those videos that are Youtube only; you can find plenty of examples of documentaries that were originally intended for TV that were later uploaded, but I want to focus on the “original” content. I’m going to narrow the field even further, to focus on one specific topic: History. It’s no secret I’m a history buff, and I’ve found a few channels that have proven to offer very interesting and informative information. Here are some of my absolute favorites:The Chieftan

Nicholas Moran, aka “The Chieftan” is a historian/technical advisor/public relations representative for, the company that makes the World of Tanks game you have heard me talk about here so much. He has his own channel where he does in depth walkarounds and internal tours of historic armored fighting vehicles, giving all of us a chance to get up close and personal with these impressive machines. Addtionally, he facilitated a panel called “Operation Think Tank” a while back that brought together many of the leading Western tank historians for a discussion on all things Tank. Very much worth a watch if you like the game or tanks!

US Naval War College

The US Naval War College in Newport, RI has its own channel where they post all kinds of lectures and talks on various topics in naval history. Some of these can be a bit dry, but for the most part they are very interesting and informative.

The National WWII Museum

This museum, located in New Orleans, LA, hosts a yearly WWII conference that draws many distinguished historians. The lectures are then recorded and put on the site. Last year’s videos included all kinds of discussion on Kursk and the Italian campaign, as 2013 marked the 70th anniversary of many of these battles.

Crash Course

This channel is by a pair of brothers named Hank and John Green, who are known as the “Vlog Brothers.” They tackle all kinds of math and science topics in their videos, all accompanied by whimsical animations. Definitely a worthwhile look-see if you need a 10-15 minute brief on a given topic!

Extra Credits History

The Extra Credits guys are mostly known for their video game-centric videos, but they have recently branched out to include history topics as well. These are well-done and interesting, though they don’t have a ton of them just yet.

So, that about covers the history side of things. This will probably be only the first f a series of these Youtube round-ups I’ll do, as there are a lot more channels and topics to cover. Until next time!

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