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Hello all! I just got back from a week-long business trip. I was working nights, so I tended to have several hours in the middle of the day to goof off; that is where my last post on Star Trek Armada III came from. I also got several miniatures painted, having brought along a large plastic organizer tray with the required paint, tools, and materials. So, all in all it was a productive trip! All that being said though, I did miss being away from Gwen for the week, and I’m certainly glad to be home.

The miniatures I was painting were 1:1800-scale World War II naval vessels, including the USS MIDWAY, USS INDIANAPOLIS, IJN Hiryu, and IJN Shinano. I painted these with the intention of using them in games of Axis & Allies War At Sea, though they would be fine to use with any one of a number of WWII naval gaming systems out there. I purchased these minis from Shapeways, which was my first experiment with the company. A number of modelers over at the Axis & Allies Forumini have been using the service as a source for minis for some time, but I had been hesitant to jump into the game for some time. I finally bit the bullet, and I’m glad I did. The minis required some prep work before painting, but I feel I was able to achieve a credible result with a very reasonable amount of effort. These are not museum-quality, mind you, but I think they will work just fine as gaming pieces. I’ve attached a few photos to this post, so please take a look and let me know what you think!

These modeling projects were my focus, but I did play a bit of  STA3, World of Tanks, and, most excitingly, World of Warships (WoWS). I will be making a more detailed post about WoWS later, but I have been enjoying the heck out of this game ever since I got into the open beta almost two weeks ago. The game is not yet fully fleshed out, but what is there has been great fun. Making ships go boom is awesome!

This weekend, Gwen and I are going to Paddycon, a gaming event that a friend hosts at his house every year. He was gracious enough to invite Gwen and me this year, so we are gearing up for some good games and better company. Other than that, I will be working some chores around the house; Gwen has quite the to-do list saved up from me being gone last week! Until next time…

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