April In Review

Hard to believe it is May already! April just flew by. As you can see, I never quite got around to updating the blog, so here are some quick hits for stuff I did last month.

First up, I volunteered at a local Sea Perch event, which encourages kids from grade school through high school to build remotely operated underwater vehicles. I was part of a group of volunteers from the ship to attend:

IMG_0619The day was set up like a game, where the various robot designs had to compete at completing an obstacle course. It was a lot of fun to see the different designs and approaches the teams took at solving their challenge:

IMG_0625Later that week, I managed to link up with my friend Seth Owen, who lives in the Groton area. We played a really fun game of the WWII naval game War at Sea:

IMG_0647If you are interested in more details of how the game went, be sure to check out the full After Action Report that I posted on Man Battlestations. The very next day after that game, it was Gwen’s birthday! I wanted to make this birthday a little extra-special, since it will be the last birthday, BC (Before Children). So, I went a little crazy:

IMG_0651That weekend, we went to the Submarine Ball, which is always a good time. We got to dress up, and spend some time with our friends, all while honoring the history, tradition, and sacrifice of the US Submarine Service.

IMG_0668And the last major event of the month was a trip down to Boston to play some Dystopian Wars with a couple of friends of mine. We had a great time! I was very happy to get my DW stuff back on the table again; it had been several months since I played:

IMG_0681All in all, April was a very fun, but busy month! I went on leave today so that Gwen and I can go to her second baby shower in Virginia. I’m looking forward to the time off!

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