May the Fourth Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day!


This year, I am on leave for the 4th, so I decided to celebrate in the traditional way by watching all 6 Star Wars movies in sequence. I’ve opted for a straight numerical order, rather than one of the more complicated alternate orders  that try to mitigate the damage done to the mystery and reveals of the original trilogy (like the reveal of who is Luke’s Father in The Empire Strikes Back).  Of course, this brings up the question of how I am going to show my sons these movies when they are old enough! I’ll probably show them the movies in the way that I saw them; start with the original 3 movies, and then show them the prequel trilogy. And yes, that includes Episode 1; I’m not a member of the “Episode 1 is so terrible, no one should ever watch it!” camp. In fact, I really enjoy all 6 of the movies released so far, but then I’m not as invested in Star Wars as some folks are.

Anyway, yesterday was Gwen’s second Baby Shower. I will have lots of photos to post, but I’ll save that for tomorrow! Until next time…

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