Lazy Sunday…

Hello again! I’ve been enjoying a light day today. Went to church, took the dog for a nice walk, and some light house work. I figured I would update the blog while I was at it! First of all, Jim and Debbie are up here in Portsmouth vising Gwen and Me. They are helping us with some of the preparation work for the twins, which we are both very grateful for. They will be staying for another week or so, but will be back when the boys are born. Speaking of which, our timetable has been moved up on that one a bit; the doctor tells us that 36 weeks is the longest she will let Gwen go before delivery! That puts us at the first week of July. Not much time left!

Other than that, I’ve been playing quite a bit of World of Warships, which I’ve discussed before. It is a new massively multi-player shooter game that allows players to drive WWI and WWII era battleships, cruisers, destroyers, and air craft carriers around in an effort to blow each other out of the water! It is quite a lot of fun, though I doubt I’ll have as much time to play it in the future with the kids on the way. I’ve also been able to finish a few more models for my Firestorm Armada fleet, including a carrier and two shield cruisers:

IMG_0783Other than that, I’ve made a few blog posts over at Man Battlestations, if you care to take a look:

Also, I’ve finally gotten around to creating a Facebook page for Man Battlestaions:

I figure that the FB page will allow me to reach more like-minded naval gamers, and give me another place to share some of the incredible work that the members of the MBS community have done!

Until Next Time…

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