Memorial Day


What a week it has been! Jim and Debbie have been visiting Gwen and me here in Portsmouth this whole time. I actually took leave Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and today, to have some more time to spend with them. Thursday was Gwen’s appointment day down in Boston, and we took a moment to stop by the USS CONSTITUTION to see it in dry dock. The ship will be high and dry for a few years, as she is painstakingly repaired for another few decades in the water.

IMG_0799Friday was my birthday, and I had a great one! I had a lot of people stop by my Facebook page to wish me a Happy Birthday, which was very nice. We all went out to see Avengers 2, which was an awesome movie. And finally, I came home to some delicious ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and some very nice presents. Saturday, Jim and I drove down to Fall River, MA to check out Battleship Cove, home of the USS MASSACHUSETTS. We had a great time spending the better part of a day tromping around the innards of the great battleship! It was also a very timely visit, given that it is Memorial Day weekend. As a naval officer, nothing brings home the hardship, sacrifice, and courage of those who have gone before you in the Naval Service like visiting a museum ship, especially a museum ship like the MASSACHUSETTES that has been transformed into a memorial to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I took a ton of pictures, which I have put into a gallery at the end of this post.

After we got home yesterday, Jim and I also tried out a new game I picked up not long ago, called Star Wars Armada. I gotta say, this is an amazing game! The miniatures are incredible and the game is fun and fairly easy to pick up. While the range of available ships is somewhat limited at the moment, there will be more coming out in July that will really flesh out the line, including the Imperial Star Destroyer and Admiral Ackbar’s flagship, Home 1. Just to be clear, we are talking about a game where you have Star Destroyers, Blockade Runners, X-Wings, TIE Fighters, and more all flying around the board and battling it out. What is not to like?!

IMG_0010So, yeah, it has been a busy, but very fun week. Unfortunately, it is back to work tomorrow for me, as I have duty. Oh well! In the mean time, here are those pictures of Battleship Cove I mentioned. Until next time!

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