Main Guns, Fire!

shot-15.05.30_17.27.38-0040Hard to believe it is June already! Gwen and I have had a busy couple of weeks, which is why I haven’t gotten around to an update here recently. Things are continuing to go well with Gwen’s pregnancy, though we are now having more frequent doctor’s visits. So, that is keeping us busy! When I’m not working or helping Gwen, I’ve been playing a few games. The screenshot above is from the previously-mentioned World of Warships game that allows players to fight battles with WWI and WWII-era battleships. I’ve been having a blast, and even more so since the recent patch hit that enabled players to have access to US battleships! In fact, the screen shot above is of my USS NEW YORK, getting ready to unleash some 14″ fire on one of my victims! Other than that, though, I haven’t had a lot of time for much else. I have seen a few movies recently; Gwen and I watched Big Hero 6, for example, which had a lot more emotional depth to it than I expected. I also watched a few good war movies while on duty, including Fury and American Sniper. Both of these movies were incredible, though I definitely have to give the nod to American Sniper for the simple fact that it is a true story. Another film I saw recently wasn’t a movie, but rather a short documentary about the people killed during WWII. Truly staggering stuff:

Speaking of WWII,  a couple of big anniversaries have happened in the last few days. Yesterday, of course, was the 71st anniversary of D-Day in Normandy. And the day before that was the 73rd of Midway. For me, like many others, the Battle of Midway has always held a certain amount of mystique and interest. Here is an excellent lecture on the battle by one of my favorite authors on the subject, Jon Parshall:

Well, that about does it for now, I’d say. I’m going to get back to playing some more World of Warships!

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