Twins Update

Hello everyone!

William with Mom & Dad

William with Mom & Dad

The last few days have been hectic, but overall things have been going very well for William and James. James came off of his CPAP machine on Monday, and has stayed off of it since. They have both been getting a little jaundiced, but are improving after spending the day under a UV light. Even better, both of them have been able to keep their feeds down, meaning that they no longer require IV fluids. This means that they have improved enough to be safely transfered to abother hospital that is closer to Kittery! Gwen and I are really excited about that, as it means it will be much easier for us to visit William and James. They will be moved to one of two hospitals tomorrow morning; we don’t know which one yet for sure. The final decision will be based on bed availability at each one in the morning.

My Mom and Dad, as well as Gwen’s Mom, have been out here to support me and Gwen through this whole process. It has been great to have their help, as well as to watch them meet their grandsons for the first time! My Mom and Dad are heading back to Indiana today; their visit seemed like it was over before it began! However, their return will allow my Sister and Brother-in-law to come out, so that’s good. Aunt Sarah is chomping at the bit to see her new nephews ;).

I’ll leave you all with some more photos:

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