One Week Old!


It’s hard to believe, but William and James are a week old already! And what a whirlwind week it as been, too. The boys were safely transferred to Wentworth-Douglas hospital in Dover, NH on Thursday, which is a MUCH easier trip for Gwen and me to make. More importantly, the environment at WD is much nicer; the boys are in a private room, meaning it is quieter and much more private. Plus, Gwen and I can even sleep there in the room with them.

William and James are continuing to do great. They are both gaining weight, and are off all support with the exception of a feeding tube. They are also still being kept in isolettes to help regulate their body temperatures. So, the biggest hurdles between them and coming home are their ability to feed on their own and stay warm without a climate controlled box. Gwen and I have been working with them daily towards these goals, and they are making progress. However, it is impossible to say when they will be finally ready; probably another couple of weeks at least. Here are some more pictures:


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