Busy Busy!

0170a82000ea6b181acb0bd92146aec3fa9479da93Hello everyone! I apologize for the lack of updates recently. AsĀ  you may have guessed, Gwen and I have had our hands full with the boys! William and James are continuing to do well. We got both of them home by the 13 of July, which was a big relief as it kept Gwen and me from having to constantly shuttle back and fort between home and the hospital all the time. Although the commute to Wentworth-Douglas was a lot shorter than the one to Boston, the fact that we were sleeping in a place other than at home most nights was really starting to wear the both of us down. Both of the boys are up to about 6 pounds now, and are nice and healthy. Gwen and I definitely feel blessed! Anyway, here are some more pictures:

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