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Fantasy_vs._Sci-FiHello again! This time around I wanted to spend a few minutes talking about a relaxation I had recently. Specifically, I suddenly noticed that all of a sudden I seemed to be watching, reading a lot of fantasy books and movies/tv shows. This struck me as odd; ever since I was a kid I always considered myself to be a science-fiction kind of guy.  Growing up I was always watching Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, but I never really got into fantasy settings. There were a couple of times where I dabbled a bit, though. I saw the first Lord of the Rings movie when I was a Youngster at the Academy, then proceeded to read through all three of the books of the course about two weeks that summer! Later on I was wound up playing a lot of Warcraft 3, which is certainly a fancy setting. That game sucked me in much the same way that it’s science fiction counterpart Starcaft had. Still, that was years ago, and I had never really looked back. All that is been changing lately for whatever reason, so I figured I would list down some of the fantasy stuff I’ve been watching and reading and let you draw your own conclusions.

Kingkiller Chronicles

This book series is what really started this whole thing off. Last fall, I picked up the first of these books on Audible, after hearing the guys on the D6G podcast talk a lot about them. This was the first fantasy book I had read/listened to since Lord of the Rings, and I was immediately hooked. Now, if only the third book would come out!

Game of Thrones.

I avoided this series for a long time. Well maybe avoid is the wrong word to use; not going on my way to watch it would probably be a better way to put it. However, a friend of mine threw a premiere party for the latest season, and after watching a few episodes as part of that get-together I decided to look more into it. As luck would have it our cable subscription give us access HBO, which allowed me to jump right in and catch up on the series over the course of about a month while I was busy taking care of our two sons. I have since gone back and listened to the first book in the Song of Ice and Fire series that the Game of Thrones is on, again via Audible, and I think I’ll probably continue to consume the series by the TV show.

Sword of Truth

Yet another major fancy series that I’ve been getting into lately has been the Sword of Truth series. This book series goes all the way back to the mid 90s so it’s a little on the older side. A couple years ago I got a whole bunch of the books for free from a neigbor who said he was done with them. I finally got around to reading reading them this past spring, and I got to say I do like the plot and characters. It’s a very different flavor of fantasy than the ones I’ve been exposed to so far.

The Seventh Son

This is a movie that I would never have watched if not for the fact that a copy was available in the Wardroom while I was on duty. Not a bad film…but not great. Definitely fantasy, though.

The Hobbit Trilogy

Like the Seventh Son, I watched these movies while on duty. I have to say, I really liked them. I know that they are not the most popular among some corners of geekdom, but I thought they were pretty well done. Not as good as Lord of the Rings, but certainly entertaining.

So, that about wraps it up! At this point, I honestly can’t tell if this is a short lived deviation from my normal tastes, or if this is a long-term shift. At the very least, I will be returning to the Kingkiller series when the third book comes out. I’m also eagerly awaiting the next season of Game of Thrones. Also, I have a at least 4 more Sword of Truth books to get through. So, even if this is just a phase, its far from over yet!

Until next time…

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