Riding the Whirlwind


As I write this, I am sipping a stiff rum and Coke from a comfy Business-class seat in Amfleet car 81537, which is careening south at over 100 mph, along with the rest of the consist of Northeast Regional train #67. I departed Boston about an hour ago, and I should arrive in DC by 0700 tomorrow. This latest sojourn down the Northest Corridor was prompted by the need to return to Portsmouth for my Command Qualifiaction board, which I am pleased to report I passed! With that, my tour as Navigator on a nuclear powered fast-attack submarine is now well and truly ended. On to my next adventure at the Pentagon!

In between now and my last post, much of my time has been spent on getting Gwen and the boys down to our new house in Virginia. My Mom and Dad helped a lot with this task, whether it was wrapping small articles, driving one of our cars, or taking care of the boys. Our new place in Virginia is, in a word, Incredible. The house is more than half again as big as anywhere we’ve lived before, and has a lot of nice luxuries. I’m especially excited about the study! On top of all that, it is only 1o minutes from Gwen’s parents. All of our stuff got delivered on Monday, after what was perhaps our smoothest move yet. Now all that’s left is to unpack the boxes.

Here are a few pictures from the move:

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