The Road to Adepticon

logoglowAs I’ve mentioned once or twice, I’m going to Adepticon again this year! The last time I went was way back in 2012, and a lot has changed. The show has moved to a new, larger, location, and the number of events has only grown. Just like last time, though, I’m going to be going as part of the Geek Nation Tours group, which will give me some unique meet and greet opportunities, some privileged access to parts of the show, and simplify my logistical planning to boot!

This time around, I’m going to participate in two organized gaming events. The first one is the Schaumberg Prime Offensive, which is a Firestorm Armada tournament. The second is a Battlefleet Gothic tournament. That won’t be the sum total of my gaming, though, not by a long shot! I also plan on getting in a lot of pick-up games. A good-sized contingent of guys from the Man Battlestations community will be there, and we are scheming to get all kinds of Dystopian Wars gaming in, along with whatever else strikes our fancy.

With all that being said, I have some preps to do. Here is a not all-inclusive list:

  • Prep my fleets for the two organized events.
  • Paint any necessary models that will need for the events that haven’t been painted yet.
  • Finalize the list of games that I am going to be taking.
  • Organize all the stuff I’m taking so as to minimize the luggage foot-print (an important consideration considering it has to fit in along with the Wife, the Twins, and all our other stuff!)
  • Study up on the rules for the games I’m playing
  • Finalize and procure all the Man Battlestations promotional items I am planning on bringing.

As I write this, we are now 51 days out from the start of the show! I’m getting excited, but as you can see there are lots of things I have to do to get ready. Stay tuned for updates! Proceeding deep…

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