Fingers Crossed for Spring!


Hello all! I’m hoping that the snow we got here in Virginia on Friday will be the last we see. This week we are supposed to break into the 70’s, and peak Cherry Blossom season won’t be too far behind!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a general status update, so there is a bit to talk about. As far as my new assignment is concerned, things are going pretty well! I’m continuing to learning a lot about the DoD’s budgeting and programming processes, which means I’m getting steadily less confused about what it is I’m supposed to be doing from day to day.

Gwen and the boys are doing well. William and James are now teething in earnest, with their lower front teeth being the first to emerge. Naturally, this has made them a bit crankier than they have been previously, but we’ve been able to keep it mostly under control for them with teething rings and topical anesthetics (and no, that is not a code name for whiskey!). We are going to be getting them baptized soon, as well, probably on Easter Sunday at Immanuel Anglican Church, where Gwen and I have been attending services since moving to Virginia.

For hobbies, I’ve mostly been working on getting models painted for Adepticon, playing tabletop games once or twice a month, and playing the odd video game when the time permits. I’ve found that after all is said and done, and the boys are settled down for the evening, I generally have time to do one activity. Here lately, that activity has been modeling for my miniatures gaming hobby. I’ll probably be shifting back towards video games in the near future, though. I’m feeling the itch to play more World of Warships, plus there is a new Battlefleet Gothic video game on the horizon

I think that about does it for now! Coming up shortly, you can expect at least one more Star Trek-related post, as well as a few more Adepticon related posts. The show is only a few weeks away, and I’m getting really excited about it!

Proceeding deep…

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