Return to “Normal”

Or, at least what passes for “normal” around here, anyway!


It’s hard to believe that it has been over two weeks since Gwen, the boys, and I got back from our vacation in Indiana. ┬áSince then, we have been trying to re-establish some semblance of a routine, with a moderate degree of success. Complicating matters is that I’ve been somewhat busy the last couple of weeks at work, and the boys are getting more and more active, which means Gwen has been kept pretty busy looking after them during the day. Still, we have managed to get something of a routine going, and I’ve been pretty successful at getting the boys to sleep around 10 PM. After that, though, I’ve been bad about getting to sleep myself. For that, I blame my budding addition to Kerbal Space Program!

Speaking of William and James, they are both pulling themselves up into a standing position now. It won’t be long until they are running around the house! We are in trouble…14068375_1372745549421032_7328485165767647050_o

14107725_1372745546087699_4669024515426049261_oJames also recently hit a big milestone…the doctors have given him the all-clear following his cleft pallet repair, meaning he is no longer limited to soft foods. Time to start feeding him crackers! This is a big relief for both Gwen and I; it has been a little nerve-wracking at times over the last couple of months, hoping that his incisions heal and another surgery would not be necessary. Thankfully, all our prayers were heard and he healed right the first time!

I’ve got a big day on Saturday…I’m going to be playing in a Firestorm Armada tournament at a local gaming convention called the NOVA Open. Should be a lot of fun! I’ll do a write up on it afterwards. Until then…

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