Wait…what month is it?!

Obviously, I’ve been blowing off my blogging for some time now. This hasn’t been out of a conscious decision so much as it has been a classic case of procrastination combined with legitimately being very busy with work, the boys, and my other hobbies. And so, no updates since the end of February…until now. It’s gotten so bad, I can’t stand it any longer, so here we are! Lots have happened over the last 4 months, so this post will be more of a short summary than anything else.


Adepticon was the biggest thing that happened for me in March. I had a great time, as always! I had planned to participated in a Dystopian Wars tournament, a Firestorm Armada tournament, and a Battlefleet Gothic tournament. I did pretty well in the Dystopian Wars event, taking 3rd place! I didn’t do as well in Firestorm Armada, but that’s to be expected. Unfortunately, I got hit with some kind of bug and wound up missing the BFG tournament to stay in bed. Yikes! I did take lots of pictures, though, which I posted over on Man Battlestations.


This was a busy month! Easter, Gwen’s Birthday, and the Submarine Ball were all packed into April. As a result, the month seemed to fly by in a blur of activity. We tried a little Easter egg hunt for the boys this year, and it went…sort of ok.

The problem we had is that they didn’t want to give up the egg they had to pick up another!┬áThe Sub Ball was a good time. Gwen and I had skipped it last year, since the boys were so small. This year, though, we got Gwen’s parents to baby-sit and headed up to the ball. It was a fun date night out for both of us!

Gwen’s birthday went off pretty well. I set up a nice little party here at our house for her, with her parents, brother and sister-in-law and their kids in attendance.

Wedged in  there was a little home appliance repair; the dryer stopped heating, and after doing a little digging around online I was able to successfully troubleshoot the problem and fix it with a new heating element.


May was another busy month, with our first family vacation and my Birthday. Our vacation was a trip down to Florida. We took the Auto Train down and back, which in and of itself is enough to get me excited! While we were there, we stayed with Gwen’s aunt and uncle. Before we came back to Virginia, we also went to Disney World for a day and hit the Magic Kingdom so the boys could meet Mickey.


Which brings us to June! This month, James and William turned 2, and I also volunteered to escort a WWII veteran during the Battle of Midway celebration. The ceremonies surrounding the 75 anniversary of the Battle of Midway were very moving, and the veterans were amazing people to talk and listen to. They all had a lot of interesting stories to tell.


The boys’ 2nd birthday party went very well! We made it a smaller affair this year, and just had my Mom & Dad (visiting from Indiana for most of the month), Gwen’s Mom and Dad, and her brother and sister in law and their kids. We were able to get them to eat a little more of their birthday cupcakes than we did last year!

That should pretty much get us caught up on the goings on of the last few months! Until next time…


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