Well, Hello there!

Here we are, years since my last update, and I’m once again posting. At this point, some (most? all?) of you might be wondering why I’m bothering. Well, the simple fact of the matter is that I just can’t bring myself to part with this little personal web playground of mine. For the next best thing to 20 years, I’ve been keeping this extended experiment in web design, content creation, and stubbornness going, and it feels like a shame to stop now.

Also, I still find myself fondly looking back through some of these pages, almost as if it’s a digital scrapbook. 20 years is a long time, and I’ve documented quite a few of my major life milestones here. This is especially important for those that took place before about 2009; prior to that, I didn’t have a smart phone, which means that lot of the pictures and stories that are documented here would not have been documented at all, or else more easily forgotten about. And while Facebook and other social media fulfill a lot of this role these days, I still like the idea of having more control over my digital presence by “owning” the entire website. I don’t have to worry about someone reporting and/or otherwise deleting my posts here. Don’t tread on my website!

So, why have I been so scarce the last couple of years? Well there are a couple of big reasons. The first is that I reported to the USS BATAAN (LHD 5) for sea duty in May 2018. Being on a ship, even if (perhaps ESPECIALLY if) it is in the yards automatically means I have been much busier that I otherwise would have been. For the last year on board, I was underway for 240 out of 365 days! Add to that, Gwen and I welcomed our third son, Andrew, to the world in March 2018. I have finally come to realize that my previous opinion about babies was deeply flawed, and that babies are, in fact, awesome. As awesome as babies are, though, they sure do keep you busy!

So between a new kid and my sea time, there has been precious little time for things like “recreation” and “relaxation.” It gets worse, though, as I’ve been devoting what little computer time I have to either playing games or working on content for my other little web project, Man Battlestations. In some ways, I feel a bit more of an obligation to try and keep up with Man Battlestations, since it is not just for me; a small, but dedicated, community has grown up around it, whereas Andy’s Random Stuff has always been more about me rambling and welcoming whatever random passers-by decide to stop by for a read (mostly my Mom – Hi Mom!).

However, things are starting to change a bit. I’m rotating to shore duty, Andrew is starting to get a bit older, and I’m getting a bit better at time management (or, I’d like to think so, anyway). So, I feel like it’s time to gear up and try to be a bit more diligent about updating around here. Of course, I seem to say that every time that I’ve been away for a while and then come back, so take that for what it is worth!

Until next time…

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