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Reading List

One of the activities that had to kind of go by the wayside during my department head tour on the boat was reading; I managed to knock out the occasional novel on weeks where the work on duty days didn’t … Continue reading

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Return to “Normal”

Or, at least what passes for “normal” around here, anyway! It’s hard to believe that it has been over two weeks since Gwen, the boys, and I got back from our vacation in Indiana. ┬áSince then, we have been trying … Continue reading

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Gen Con Recap

Greetings! This past weekend I had a great time at Gen Con in Indianapolis. I have been looking forward to attending this event for years, and that anticipation has been building ever since I made my reservations with Geek Nation … Continue reading

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What month is it again?!

Yikes! I can’t believe it is the 31st of July already! Given that my informal goal is to update this blog at least once per calendar month, this is getting in under the wire. has been very busy around … Continue reading

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Home Again!

I got home yesterday from a week-long trip to San Diego for a business conference. I have to say, I am really glad to be back. I went alone, so I was really missing Gwen and the boys by the … Continue reading

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Battle of Midway Commemoration

Today, 4 June, is generally recognized as the anniversary of the Battle of Midway. This year marks the 74th anniversary of this pivotal battle. What I didn’t realize until a few weeks ago is that the Navy conduces an official … Continue reading

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Doors Close, Doors Open

Hello again! It’s been a while since I’ve updated here. I’ve been spending my limited internet content generating time updating the MBS blog; I did a whole series of articles on my experience at Adepticon, for example. One of the … Continue reading

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Adepticon After-Glow

Greetings! I hadn’t realized that almost a month has gone by since my last update. A large part of the reason why is that I had been spending a lot of my limited free time getting ready for Adepticon, which … Continue reading

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Fingers Crossed for Spring!

Hello all! I’m hoping that the snow we got here in Virginia on Friday will be the last we see. This week we are supposed to break into the 70’s, and peak Cherry Blossom season won’t be too far behind! … Continue reading

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Star Trek Movies: My Ranking

Star Trek in my mind has always been best suited for the episodic television format it was created for. However, Hollywood being Hollywood, there is no way that could be left alone. Oh no! Instead, Star Trek has found its … Continue reading

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