Tier IX Fun!

Ever since we’ve gotten settled up here in Portsmouth, I’ve been back into World of Tanks again. I had gotten away from it when I was on deployment (it’s hard to get internet when you are in the briney deep) obviously, and even after I got back it was kind of hard to get back into; in the 7 months I was away from the game, a lot of things were changed with updates that significantly changed how the game is played.

However, I’ve been bitten by the bug again, an after a long time of working towards it I finally unlocked my first Tier IX tank, the E-50:


This tank is one of a series of prototype designs that Germany began during WWII that were intended to serve as the next generation of tanks after the Tiger, Tiger II, and Panther. However, the steadily worsening war situation meant that none of these beasts ever actually saw production. Fellow tank enthusiasts will no doubt notice the “family resemblance” here between the E-50 and Panther series, which is natural as the E-50 was developed from those designs. It will take me a while to get to the final tank in the line, the Tier X E-50M. This tank is a further development of the E-50, with heavier armor, a bigger gun, etc.

In fact, I might end up backing off the German medium tanks, and start focusing on the German heavies more. I’m getting closer and closer to my second Tier IX, which will be another E-series, the E-75. I’m hoping to have it unlocked by the end of the month!Until next time…

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