M26 Pershing Unlocked!

shot_007Behold! At long last, I’ve managed to unlock the Tier 8 American Medium Tank, the M26 Pershing. This marks the resumption of my long-stalled progress down the American medium tank line. The problem was this tank’s predecessor, the T20. That tank just didn’t mesh well with my play style, so I had to get over a pretty steep learning curve to get any kind of success with it. In fact, I got so frustrated with it that I abandoned the American mediums for about a year, to pursue the German heavy line. I’ve only got about 10 games into the M26 so far, but I’m really enjoying it. I can tell already that I’m going to have more fun with this thing than the T20.

In other news, as I mentioned last time I’ve been working on some models for Firestorm Armada again. Specifically, I’m working on the new Terran carrier model and a couple of shield cruisers to support it. My painting progress has slowed quite a bit, due to being busy at work again. Hopefully I’ll have them finished up in a week or so! I’ve also embarked on another project; I’m trying my hand at painting some naval models from Shapeways. This is the service that creates objects to order using 3D printers. There are a number of folks who have made 1:1800 models suitable for use with War At Sea. I’m starting off with just a handful of units to plug a few of the more glaring holes I have in my collection; stay tuned to see how they come out!

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