2015 Modeling Year In Review

I was going back through my picture folders, and I thought it might be fun to put together a quick post showing all the models I’ve painted over the past year. It’s funny…thanks to my job, having to move, and having kids, if you’d asked me how much I painted in 2015, I would have told you, “Not a lot.” However, once I started looking back at it, I’m surprised by how much I actually accomplished!

Anyway, here we go:

New Prussians for DW:
681746_md-Dystopian Wars, Prussians, Spartan GamesA Dindrenzi Test Scheme:

New Terrans for FSA:

DW Objective Markers:
681750_md-Dw, Dystopian Wars, Spartan Games

1:1800 WWII Warships:

A 1/350 Scale model of the USS SCRANTON as a presentation gift:

And last, but not least, my UNSC and Covenant test models:

Overall, I would have to say that my favorite of the bunch has to be the Sturmbinger sub I painted for DW:
681733_md-Dystopian Wars, Prussians, Spartan Games

Although, the Terran Dreadnought I painted is a close second ;).

For next year, I’m vowing to finish up the box sets I’ve got for DW, Planetfall, and Halo, and clear out the impressive number of DW blisters I’ve got

Until next time!

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