Settling In

Well, Gwen and I have found a house, and have spent the last week getting our stuff unpacked with the help of Gwen’s parents. We have finally gotten to the point were the house is liveable, though there is still a bunch of clutter left to sort through.  Ultimately, we wound up going with a house in “off-base on-base housing,” which is to say it is a Navy-contracted home managed through Balfour Beatty Communities. It is a pretty nice house, with 3 bed rooms and a garage. It has a little less space than the place we were renting down in Groton, but most of our stuff fits so it isn’t a huge deal. Plus, we are only going to be here for 5 months! Here are a few pictures of it empty; I don’t think Gwen would appreciate me posting pics of it in its current state ;). By the way, this is also my first experiment with the Gallery function of WordPress, so here goes:

Seems like it works pretty well! Until next time…

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