Moving Time Again


Well, Gwen and I are once again preparing to hit the road and head to our next duty station. Yesterday, the movers came to pack and load our stuff. Surprisingly, they were able to get the job done all in one day; we were initially planning on a 2-day pack and load schedule. So, this means that I have some unexpected free time today, though unfortunately it also means our stuff is going to have to be stored instead of directly delivered. I think I might work out; I’ve kind of been on my post-PRT workout “stand-down,” and I really need to get myself out of that.

The weekend is going to be quite busy! Friday, we are getting on the road as soon as my graduation ceremony is done. Then, on Saturday, I’m meeting some friends at Dropzone Games for my first game of Warhammer 40k 6th Edition. Then, on Sunday, I’m heading down to the Game Vault to play some Dystopian Wars with my friend Greg. Then, on Monday, it is off to Norfolk, so that I can meet the realator and get the keys for our new home, in order to setup for the delivery of our stuff on Tuesday. Whew! There will be several future posts growing out of this weekend, as I intend to do write-ups on the games I play this weekend.

Until next time!

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