All Aboard!

This is something of a novelty; I’m posting this from my comfy seat in Business Class on Amtrak’s northbound Northeast Regional Train 66. As for why I’m here, more on that in a minute.

First of all, I had a fun, if busy weekend. I already posted the review of my 40k game with the Freebootas. I have also just put up a report on the Dystopoian Wars game I played with Greg on Sunday over at Man Battlestations. It felt good getting a few games in; I am kind of in the mindset of getting in what I can now, as the next few years promise to have few opportunities for such things.

Our move is going well; we have all of our stuff, the damage seems to be minor so far, and we are well into unpacking it all. We did run into a couple of small bumps in the road today, though. The first was that the cable installation we had scheduled for today didn’t happen. Apparently, the technician got stuck at his morning appointment all day for some reason, meaning that he couldn’t get to ours. We got it scheduled for tomorrow, but it still means another day without cable or internet. The horrors!

The second problem is also the reason I’m rolling north on an Amtrak train. I realized today that I forgot to retrieve my medical records from the New London clinic. Normally, I could just request these records from a clinic in Norfolk, and have them mailed down. However, I really need to have these records in time for Monday, and there is no way they can be shipped down by then. So, I am heading up to grab them myself, and then jump back on another train to head back south again. I had thought about driving, but I’m pretty sick of being inside a car after all the driving I’ve done the last couple of weeks. So, Amtrak seemed the logical choice.

I have to say, the new amenities on the Northeast Regional equipment are very nice. For example, the WiFi I’m using to update this blog! In addition, the seats now all have 120 VAC outlets, meaning that my Alienware laptop doesn’t have to worry about running out of juice. I tell you, I’m not very happy with myself for having forgot the records, but traveling up this way in relative comfort and not having to fight traffic and drowsiness behind the wheel is definitely taking some of the sting out of it. I should also mention how much help Gwen has been; she really calmed me down when I first realized this mistake (I was pretty upset!) and she was nice enough not to complain about me running off and leaving her with a house full of boxes. I think I got a keeper ;).

Until next time!

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