Catching Up

Happy belated New Year! It has been far too long since I’ve made a new post. This time, though, I can at least attribute the gap between posts to something other than laziness. I’ve been very busy with my new assignment, and as is usually the case one  of the first things to drop off my plate when I get busy is my website. Instead, I’ve been up to quite a bit of other stuff since I last posted, including a couple of trips to sea, some games hosted at our house, and a trip to a local convention called the Williamsburg Muster. I’ve also been playing a couple of video games when I’ve had some spare time, though I haven’t had much for that!

Last time I gave all of you a run-down on the various war games I’m currently playing. The whole intention of that post was to set up a review of my gaming activity in 2012, which I’ve been tracking by way of a Battle Diary. I had originally planned on making that post immediately following New Years, but then I didn’t get to it, and time kept on moving. So, I figured there is no time like the present! Here is the break-down of my gaming from last year:

Total Number of Games Played: 83

Overall Record (W-D-L): 33-11-39

Number of Games Played by Game:

  1. Dystopian Wars (32 games)
  2. War at Sea (16 games)
  3. Warhammer 40k (14 games)
  4. Flames of War (2 games)
  5. All Others (19 games)

This was the first year that I have bothered to keep these records, an I have to say I’m happy that I did. It gives me a written record to go back and look over, serving as a reminder of all the fun I had with gaming last year. Needless to say, I intend to do the same thing again this year, though I am modifying the way in which I record and track things a bit. For starters, I am going to be tracking the amount of board gaming I have been doing. I sort of did this last year, though I wasn’t very consistent with what games were recorded and which were not. So, I’m going to use a second log to track boardgames instead of keeping them all in the same log. Of course, this brings up all kinds of questions as to what constitutes a board game and what does not, but I think I can handle that on a case by case basis!  In the end, this will probably be a moot point, as I suspect that my gaming time will be drastically curtailed this year as compared to 2012. If I can get in even 40 games this year, I will be happy! Even so, I plan on doing this post again in January 2014, so you will all know for sure.

Until next time!

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