Our Next House

Hey all! Last weekend, Gwen and I headed up to Kittery, Maine to look for a place to live when my ship heads up to Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. We were able to find a place that is located on the shipyard itself! The house is a single-store ranch style home, with 3 bedrooms and 1.75 baths. Gwen and I are genuinely excited about living in it; the house was originally finished in 1917, so it is nearly 100 years old. It seems solidly built, with beautiful wood flooring. Plus, I figure I’ll be able to walk to work, and Gwen will be able to walk to the small NEX and Commissary on base, which should save a lot in gas. Below are some pictures I took of the interior, which is still undergoing some minor renovation:

I’ll be sure to follow up with more pictures once we start getting settled in!

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