Winds of Change

11990377_1128763110485945_517623526167474225_nA lot has happened over the last week! My Mom, Dad, and Sarah all came out to visit Gwen, me, and the boys (well, okay, they mostly came out to see the boys!). We had a lot of fun just spending time catching up and taking care of William and James, though my Mom and Sarah did have a lot of fun going shopping at the Kittery outlets. As a result of their well-timed visit, my family was on hand for my promotion to Lieutenant Commander on the 1st of September. I had been selected for the rank last fall, but I didn’t actually put it on until last week. It feels good to finally be wearing it!

The other big piece of news is that I have received my next orders. I am going to a job at the Pentagon, which means our next move is right around the corner. Gwen and I are planning on hitting the road sometime in the middle of October, so that I can start my new job in November. So, it looks like it is back to Northern Virgina for us! Gwen and I are both really pleased to be going to this job, as it puts us close to Gwen’s family. The good news is that based on the time of year we are moving, we should avoid the worst of both the hot and the cold weather, as well as having enough time to get settled before the holidays hit. Plus, we will have some flexibility with the movers, since it will be off the peak moving season.

Welp, I have a squalling baby to attend to. Until next time!

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