All Aboard for House Hunting!


Gwen, William, James, and I are down in Virgina this weekend looking for our next place to live. We took the train down on Thursday, which was the first train ride for the twins. Gotta start them early! In all seriousness, the train ride worked out just about perfect. It was about the same time as driving, but it allowed us to be able to get the boys out and feed them, change them, and calm them. With a car, we would have had to stop and pull over to do that. The train also allowed us to avoid the security hassles and cabin pressure changes of a plane flight.

So, yesterday and today Gwen and I went looking at places. We saw three yesterday and three today, with one more scheduled viewing for Monday. So far, we have a couple of very promising options. We haven’t made a final decision yet, but our front-runner is a house in Woodbridge not far from Gwen’s parents, Jim and Debbie. I had originally wanted to get something as close to the Pentagon as possible, perhaps in Arlington, Alexandria, or Springfield. The commute will not be as nice from a place in Woodbridge, but it shouldn’t be too bad either. Plus, the size and quality of homes goes up dramatically the further you head south. Stay tuned! In the mean time, here are some pictures from our little adventure on Thursday:

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